A collaborative architecture.

We believe that architecture is most successful when it is approached as a social art. To create spaces that truly respond to the needs of the communities who will use them, we bring diverse voices to the table and explore a multitude of potential solutions. By working together with openness and integrity, we are able to discover new possibilities and design spaces that improve people's lives.
1. Partnership
Our partnership model informs our working process. We approach each project as a team, prioritizing good listening, responsive planning and close working relationships. Each partner has a unique background and skill set to contribute to our collective thinking. By sharing our expertise, we expand the scope of our specializations, enabling us to provide a more robust resource for our clients.
2. Legacy
The ageless task of architecture has always been to produce an appropriate response to people’s aspirations for a better life.
Aldo Giurgola
Mitchell Giurgola has a history of mining the subtleties of site, nuances of program, and intricacies of the aspirations of our clients to arrive at unexpected solutions. Founders Ehrman B Mitchell and Romaldo Giurgola began the firm with the shared goal of creating a culture that combined expansive thinking with rigorous method. Their approach prioritized people and process, and fostered a deep dedication to dialogue, research and education. These foundational values continue to guide our firm today.
3. Commitment
We believe that architecture has a measurable impact on quality of life. We are committed to improving people’s everyday experiences by continually refining our craft, interrogating our methods, and exploring new technologies. It is our responsibility to create spaces that address the complex needs of our clients, engage the community, and contribute positively to the environment.
4. Perspective
With over half a century of experience, we are well positioned to take a long view. Our designs are grounded in technical expertise and informed by history, culture and human behavior. We build adaptability into our plans to ensure that each building can evolve as its uses change over time. By carefully considering the unique context of a space, we create comprehensive solutions that have the foresight and flexibility to live long into the future.