Milbank Chapel, Teachers College

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New York, NY
Teachers College, Columbia University
2,500 SF
2004 American Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum

Milbank Chapel, designed to seat 250 people, has been a prominent venue on the Teachers College campus since its completion in 1897. After over 100 years of wear and tear, coupled with advancing technological needs, the chapel was renovated into a flexible, modernized lecture and performance space without compromising the purity of the historical and architectural significance.

Mitchell Giurgola upgraded the space into an ADA compliant chapel with a wheel-chair lift and state-of-the-art technology, including video projection equipment, a high quality lighting and audio system, and an HVAC system. The original lectern was carefully restored and outfitted with a microphone and A/V equipment. The restoration work retains the space’s neo-Gothic character and minimizes changes to the appearance of the chapel, and includes the restoration of the chapel’s Clayton & Bell of London stained-glass windows and the Tiffany stencil painted wall design.