Mohawk Valley Community College Master Plan

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Utica and Rome, NY
Mohawk Valley Community College

Mohawk Valley Community College initiated the master planning process with the goals of creating exceptional learning environments in Oneida County, establishing a framework for the unified development of both the Rome and Utica campuses, and developing a campus image and environment that would propel Mohawk Valley Community College to a greater level of significance in the community.  

Mitchell Giurgola evaluated the current status of the College and growth management strategies were projected for the next 20 years. These strategies included long range planning for programs and enrollments, campus planning for existing and new facilities, and land use and financial planning to meet the projected needs. The twin cornerstones of the Master Plan were the recommendations that a new building be designed and constructed near the Memorial Parkway entrance to the Utica campus, and that a major expansion of the Plumley Complex be implemented along Floyd Avenue at the Rome campus. Both projects are located at the gateways, or traditional main entrances of the campuses, and would contain critical programs of importance to entering students.