Midtown Professional Education Center, Weill Cornell Medicine

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New York, New York
Weill Cornell Medicine
17,050 SF
2018 AN Best of Design Awards, Honorable Mention, Lighting Category

The Midtown Professional Education Center for Weill Cornell Medicine provides a multi-functional learning environment on the 9th and 10th floors of an 80-year-old landmark building in Midtown Manhattan. The space functions on three levels: as a full-time Monday through Friday 9-5 medical education learning environment, a night and weekend post grad Executive Business Education Center, and a University leadership meeting and retreat space. 

Access to views, natural light, natural materials and vegetation all help foster an inviting, healthy environment. To create an open and expansive feel, circulation paths were designed to provide long views directed at glazed interior walls or exterior windows. Program spaces included classrooms, offices, training rooms, conference rooms, and meeting and event spaces. An interconnecting stair creates a link between students and faculty and encourages movement over taking the elevator.

Building Program

NYC History Meets Contemporary Learning and Teaching

The recently completed Center will be the heart of Cornell’s midtown Initiative. Located in the landmarked General Electric Building and adjacent to St. Bartholomew’s Church, the new Center blends the best of New York’s history with contemporary learning and teaching.

The program occupies the 9th and 10th floors of the GE building. To meet the client's objectives, the 17,050 SF space needed to function on three levels: as a full-time, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm medical education learning and training environment, a night and weekend post-grad executive business education center, and a University leadership meeting and retreat space.
Careful planning was undertaken to preserve views of the adjacent St. Bartholomew's Church, commonly called St. Bart's. The historic church was built in 1916 and has long been celebrated as a significant NYC landmark.