MS 114, East Side Middle School

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New York, NY
DeMatteis Organization in Association with the NYC SCA
79,000 SF

East Side Middle School (MS 114) is a 530-student public school on a through block site in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The project is a combined development that was built in conjunction with a residential tower on First Avenue at 91st street. The school portion of the project was developed and funded through the Educational Construction Fund in partnership with a private developer, The DeMatteis Organization.

The school is a five-story plus cellar, 79,000 square-foot building with a “vest pocket” play yard. The school accommodates 18 full size classrooms, a District 75 special education classroom suite, a cafeteria served by a full kitchen, a gymnasium, library and administrative spaces. The building is steel framed with a masonry veneer envelope and aluminum windows, and was designed to New York City School Construction Authority standards.