SUNY ESF Master Plan

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Syracuse, NY
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry

The SUNY ESF Master Plan project was part of the State University Construction Fund’s initiative to develop comprehensive facilities master plans for each of SUNY’s campuses. The goals was to identify future capital projects and their associated costs on both an individual campus and system-wide basis. Mitchell Giurgola developed a five-volume facilities master plan that identified opportunities and issues within the current campus facilities and projected future facilities needs over the upcoming funding cycles. 

Through interviews with ESF administration and faculty, evaluation of demographic trends, and other analysis, it was determined that the College is likely to experience moderate (+/-9%) growth in its full-time equivalent student body by 2023. The existing and currently planned academic space on campus was anticipated to be adequate to accommodate this growth, although numerous internal adjustments were needed for that space to be appropriate to changing needs. Expansion of support facilities was also recommended to accommodate ESF’s anticipated future physical growth and enhance student life.