Chemistry Department, Columbia University

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New York, NY
Columbia University

Columbia University’s renowned Chemistry Department exists in a complex of three structures: Havemeyer Hall, the Chandler Laboratory Building, and an addition known as Havemeyer Extension. Mitchell Giurgola has significant experience working in the complex, including the master plan for the upgrading of Chandler Hall. Working closely with the Columbia administration, Chemistry Department faculty and Facilities, a plan was conceived to renovate Chandler Hall floor-by-floor from the top of the building down, which was necessary due to the lack of swing space. This approach facilitates the logical installation of new mechanical and electrical infrastructure with minimal disruption to ongoing research activities. In addition, Mitchell Giurgola has renovated the laboratories of 12 different research groups in the Chandler Laboratory Building, Havemeyer Hall and Havemeyer Extension, including labs for Dr. Ann McDermott, Dr. James Leighton, Dr. Colin Nuckolls, Dr. Tristan Lambert, and Dr. Scott Snyder.