Engineering Science Building, Manhattan College

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Bronx, NY
Manhattan College
50,000 GSF
30,000 New
20,000 Renovated

In 2015 Manhattan College undertook a major, multi-phased evaluation of their School of Engineering and School of Science facilities. The process began with an extensive programming phase during which both faculty and administrators helped identify specific needs and priorities. Program options were developed that looked at immediate academic needs and adjacencies, as well as impact on short and long-term infrastructure capacity.

As a result of this study, Mitchell Giurgola designed an addition to the existing 1960’s Leo Engineering Building that will house introductory science teaching labs and upper-level engineering maker spaces. In addition, Mitchell Giurgola is designing phased renovations of the existing laboratory building. The two facilities will be linked by a new, multi-story entry designed to provide much needed student amenity space.