Engineering & Science Building, University of Connecticut

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Storrs, CT
University of Connecticut
118,000 SF
LEED Silver
2020 Lab Design Excellence Awards Finalist, Lab Manager
2019 CT Green Building Council Institutional Award of Merit

Designed as a dramatic counterpoint to the traditional masonry buildings on University of Connecticut’s campus, the Engineering and Science building is a transparent research facility that places the sophisticated engineering and genomics work happening inside on display. This enlivening and energizing space at the heart of the campus accommodates a wide range of wet and dry engineering and science research, maximizes the quantity of lab space, and ultimately provides flexibility to easily change space assignments. 

The design for the building takes an innovative, open plan approach that breaks with the common paradigm in engineering research labs today. The space is equipped with efficient open plan labs and flexible use collaborative spaces that maximize the potential of the small site while providing immense opportunity for a variety of users to interact and exchange ideas in both formal and informal settings.

Building Program

The Open Lab Planning Concept

The Engineering & Science Building is the first structure on the Storrs campus to utilize an “open lab” concept for research, an uncommon paradigm in engineering research labs today. Floors were planned to provide future flexibility as research needs change over time with large open lab suites on either side of a shared central laboratory zone.

The use of this model allows for a variety of program types and needs to be accommodated on each level.
1st Floor, Cyber Physics
2nd - 4th Floors, Biology and BioEngineering
5th Floor, Chemical Engineering