Stony Brook University Library

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Southampton, NY
Stony Brook University
30,000 SF
2011 Commendation for Outstanding Educational Design, AIA Long Island

Stony Brook University Library is a new 30,000 square-foot building that integrates information management, technology, and a student-centered setting where study, intellectual discourse and social interaction provide an anchor for college life. The two story library includes a mezzanine where group study spaces overlook the reading room and meeting spaces on the lower level. Collaborative study is encouraged through two sinuous work/study tables, and an assortment of smaller meeting and conference rooms equipped with integrated technology, comprising an online resource center that can be used by individuals and small groups. 

The LEED Gold certified building embodies a practical attitude towards a sustainable environment. Energy consumption is decreased by a ground source, closed loop, water-born heat pump system and the building envelope employs passive environmental measures including reflective roofing, maximum glazing on the north façade, and the use of low emissivity glass and limited windows on the south façade.

Building Program