Long Island University Brooklyn Strategic Development Plan

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Brooklyn, NY
Long Island University
11 Acres
2001 Excellence in Planning Award, AIA Society for College and University Planners

Mitchell Giurgola worked with Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus to develop a long-range strategic analysis of its buildings and programs. The University, developed haphazardly over time, lacked an identifiable front door and true center to the campus. Rapid growth in programs compounded the issue by requiring the use of marginal facilities. Mitchell Giurgola worked closely with the university to address both its immediate and long-term goals. An inventory of LIU’s physical plant was undertaken and it was determined that the campus needed a defined center around which to grow. The plan created a central spine on the campus defined by a de-mapped street flanked by existing and new buildings. 

Projects that followed the master plan include the new Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center, the Metcalfe Student Center interior and exterior renovation, the new Pratt Center for student services, the Humanities Building renovation, the Kumble Theater and Gallery, and the Media Arts Department Renovation.